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VINDOQI (Kaiwen Liu) is a composer, visual artist and poet. His artworks include classical and contemporary compositions, light music, illustrations, graphic design, photography, poetry and prose. As a new-generation artist, he seems to be less keen on following the popular art of the moment, instead, his vision has always been in search of something profound and classic.


"We are in an era that is fortunate enough to expose us to information and artistic resources that were previously unimaginable to mankind, but this era is also unfortunate in that behind the extreme prosperity is complexity, incomprehensibility, and emptiness. We are losing something. I still believe that living experiences are important and that our world needs authenticity to combat the complexity that leads to emptiness, addiction, and other serious problems. This is where I think my art can go and still be of value - to explore a kind of romantic realism that calls people to feel the reality of the world and the diversity of human nature, and in the process of confronting it to reclaim lost spirituality, knowledge of the world and the self. "

VINDOQI holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Visual Arts degree, and he is currently studying for a Second Master of Music in Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

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